Nadaswaram-303-1 23-6-11


Shakti brings in his friends, locks up Pandi inside Gopi's tailor shop and beats him up red and blue.

Murthy who goes to see cinema with his wife Kamu finds Paramu chit-chatting and enjoying with Sendhil at the theatre. He immediately shows that to Kamu drags her out of the cinema hall and takes her to an isolated place. He pours off every right thing to her and tells he is confused what to do now.

Pandi is given treatment and is brought back to the house by his uncle. Seeing his condition Maha feels his pain and touches his wound part to know the pain.

Murthy and Kamu come there and Murthy goes on staring Kamu urging her to tell about Paramu and everthing that they have seen at the cinema hall.



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