Pirivom Santhipom-56-1 23rd Jun 11


Shanmuga rajan goes to the police station and seeks the help of inspector who talks to the officer of the complainant's company. The officer gives two days time for settlement of the amount but wants to meet Shanmuga Rajan.

Shanmuga Rajan meets the officer and he reiterates that he will forgive Arunachalam but if the money is not returned within two days then he will have to go to jail.

Shamuga Rajan walks back home but he faints catching his chest on the way home. The public help him and admit him to a hospital who give him first aid shock treatment.

Arunachalam returns home and tells all that two days time has been give for him to repay the money. Revathi tells him that she has the money still with her and that can be given.



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