Uttaran-627-14th Jun 2011


Rathore goes home sadly and tells his would be mother that Tapasya could not come because she is unwell and then tells that what he is telling is a lie. She tells whether he will be able to live with her.

Nani comes to Tapasya's room and asks her why she had been kept in dark when she had supported her all along. Tapasya tells her that everything can't be said and tells her that she want to be alone. When alone she receives a call from Rathore.

Rathore tells her that next day Veer is getting released. He also says that he has maintained silence just for the sake of the child she is bearing else he could have told the truth to everyone that the child is his and could have forcibly brought her to his home. He tells her that he is maintaining patience and knows that in the end she will come to live with him.

Next day...

Tapasya comes in a happy mood and tells Ichchha that Veer is coming home today. Rathore who knows everything about Satya and Sanchi will help in his release. Ichchha gives Tapu sweets and tells her that after Veer returns as always she will give her full support.

Back at Police station Inspector Gauri Sharma repeatedly questions Veer whose hands are tied to the chair in a rope and Veer refuses and tells that he has done nothing. He coughs and a police constable brings in a glass of water. Inspector Gauri Sharma takes the glass and she splashes the water on the face of Veer. She then leaves.

Nani comes to Jogi's house and complains about Tapasya to Divya. She tells her that nowadays Tapasya tells everything to Ichchha. She asks Divya to ask Ichchha about this Rathore. Damini who happens to come there to keep the clothes overhears this and then asks herself why Ichchha has not told this to her.



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