Uttaran-636 27th June 2011


Ichchha just leaves and Veer thinking that she is there goes on talking in the air telling that Mai thinks that Vansh is going to take birth. As he sees towards the door he finds no Ichchha there. He too leaves and Taps enters the room, sees the cradle well decorated and becomes happy.

Tapasya still firmly believes that the child she is bearing is Veer's, so she touches the cradle and then the belly and tells to herself that Veer too like her father cares for their children. She vows that whoever try to interfere between the love of Veer and the child she will never leave them nay she be Ichchha.

As Veer is about to go to office Tapasya tells him that she want to speak to him an important matter and so Veer and Taps go together outside in the car. Rathore calls her up and she just switches of her mobile.

Finding no answer from Taps he call up the house and from there gets to know through Nani that she has gone out with Veer. Rathore tells to himself that he will find out her.



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