Uttaran-637 28th June 2011


Veer and Tapasya are travelling in the car when Taps says that she is thirsty. Veer finds no water inside the car. On the way suddenly Taps shows towards a shop and tells maybe he can get water there. Veer goes out to fetch water.

Taps takes this as opportunity and switches off the power and schedules the car to start after a few hours.

Veer comes back and is unable to start the car, Taps comes outside and mummbles pain, Veer sees that there is a hut and takes her there inside the hut.

Taps uses this opportunity and questions Veer about her position in Bundela's family after she gives birth to the child. Whether Ichchha will be the mother or she will allowed to be with her child.

Rathore looking after Taps reaches where Veer's car is parked. He stops his car and searches for Veer and Taps.



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