Uttaran-638 29th June 2011


Tapasya asks Veer what will be her position after she gives birth to her baby.

Veer assures her that whatever respect she is getting in the family now she will continue to get respect even after she gives birth to her baby. Veer also tells her that now onwards they will be friends.

Tapasya and Veer shake hand in the name of friends. Rathore goes on watching this and tells himself that now he will reveal everything but suddenly remembers the doctor telling him that anytime now she can give birth to her child. So he stops his steps.

Veer tells Tapasya that he will bring something to eat and goes outside. Rathore enters and clasps his hands acknowledging her great acting. He tells she would have got award for her acting. By these she is putting her life into more complications.

He tells her, "when I am there to give you a respected life you are begging before Veer to have respect in his family for yourself and the baby. Asking for equal rights. For these you are giving away my child's respect, my love, family. Don't you know that I love you, leave your false supports your truth is before yourself." He gives his hand for taking, but Taps tells him not to compel her for love. Folds her hands and tells him to go since Veer is going to return anytime.

Back at home. Ichchha asks Taps, why she has not told the truth till now, if she doesn't

then she will. Taps asks her, that she has not replied about what she had asked (sharing of love with Veer). Ichchha tells her that even if she asks thousand times the answer will be the same, "No."

Then Taps tells her if she asks thousands times, it is "No."



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