Athipookal-921-1 21th July 2011


Panjali is brought to the court. The public prosecutor examines her and asks her to name the person behind this kidnapping. Panjali names Manohar this time to the shock of everyone present there.

The inspector is called to the witness box and is examined. The inspector says that Panjali had given a statement accusing Anjali as the main culprit behind the kidnapping. She is now naming Manohar, it is her habit to tell lie naming one or the other, her statement should not be believed.

The Judge asks if Manohar is present in the court hall. Manohar lifts his hand and comes forward and enters the witness box. The Judge questions Manohar if he agrees all the accusations put on him.

Manohar keeps silent for sometime and then accepts whatever Panjali has said is true. It was he who arranged her to kidnap the child. He did it because Padma is wife had wanted divorce.

The Judge asks the Public Prosecutor if he has anything to say. The Public Prosecutor on his part says that since he has accepted so clearly the crime he be arrested, punished for the offence of kidnapping and for giving false evidence.

The Judge orders to take him into custody and file a case against him.

Padma believes every drama enacted at the court to be true and goes off in her car.

While Manohar is led by the police the inspector asks him why he had told a lie and got himself arrested. Manohar just asks him to do his duty and not to ask him anything.



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