Athipookal-922-1 22nd July 2011


Karpagam, Shekar and the Manager wait for Manohar to come out from the court.

Manohar comes and tells that Padma would never come to him even if Panjali had told that Anjali had kidnapped the child. She just would have left Anjali but would never joined him. He did a mistake that as soon as he came to know that Karpagam was the surrogate mother of the child he should have told it to Padma. It was that mistake that Padma when she came to know that Karpagam is the surrogate mother she started believing I had relationship with Karpagam.

He tells what he has done now is nothing before what Manga has done to them. He tells that Manga will come home, but he will now be able to meet her.

Padma returns back home with anger and believes that Manohar had indeed was behind the kidnapping of the child.

When her parents ask her about the court happenings she tells them to ask their son about it and goes off with the child upstairs to her room.

At Saroja's den Saroja is overjoyed and tells that the deal she had with Manohar has come out success. She tells to Manga that Manohar saved her life.

Manga is shocked to hear that Manohar had accepted the kidnapping and has gone to jail. She bursts out against Saroja.

Just like Manohar had behaved like a gentleman she would also show that she is a gentlelady and decides to release Manga. But before releasing she wants to plan the release in such a way that Manga never reaches her house. She should be left to go but she should not reach alive to her house.

Shekar comes back home and explains to his parents that Panjali had told in the court that Manohar had kidnapped the child. Saroja had made her to say so. Manohar took the drastic step of accepting the crime of kidnapping for the sake of Manga.



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