Uttaran-639 30th June 2011


Hign Voltage Drama-must see episode. The title "Uttaran" meaning revealed for those who did not understand till now. Great and all types of background musics entertain you. Hear those.

The silent that was Ichchha till now gives fitting replies to Taps in a stunning ways. It had all the striking points in it. All the thing that Taps thinks that she is doing right Ichchha proves her to be wrong.

Taps asks Ichchha that why not she share her love of Veer with her. She had given her dolls, clothes and so many things, now why can't she share the love of Veer as "Uttaran" for those deeds.

Ichchha retorts, "those are things that where given when I was child, do you think that this mangalsutra is some play things, this sindhur is a plaything. When I gave Veer's hand in marriage to you, then I had returned all your favours as "Uttaran." My mother when she gave the brides saree and sent you as a bride it was the greatest "Uttaran," that she gave you. What else now? As for friendship ask yourself how you have adhered to friendships.

Taps could not resist these words, could speak no more, so she tells her, "ok, then, you want me to tell the truth, I will tell." Saying so she takes the trolley bag kept ready and moves out of the room.

Jogi Thakur who has gone out of station rings up Damini and asks about any important things, he tells her that Divya's phone is not connecting. Right then Pushkar who had switched off the phone switches it on and gives it to Divya. Divya gets frustration of not receiving the call in her mobile from Jogi.

Tapasya takes her trolley bag and pulls it along to go out of the house. Gunavanthi sees her, stops her, asks her the reason for her going out of the house. Taps tells her that she can't stay any more in the house.

Everyone of the house assemble in the hall, Veer, Dadaji, Umedsingh, Nani, Chanda Bibi, Kasha, Ichchha stands in the stairs and watches silently.

Dadaji, Nani, Veer and Gunavanthi repeatedly ask her but Taps refuses to tell anything. In the end she tells, that Ichchha has abused her character, she had told that the child she is carrying is not Veer's.

All the family members are shocked some faces show anger.

Veer goes near Ichchha and asks her if she had told so. Everybody see her with probing gazes.

Ichchha tells him that what Taps had been telling there has half truth in it. Further if he wants to know the truth she tells, "the child Tapasya is carrying is not yours."

Veer sees more thoughtfully into her eyes. Taps sees her with her heart thumping, Gunavanthi shakes her head, Nani shows anger, Umed singh closes his eyes tightly, as usual Dadaji is expressionless, Kasha and chanda open their mouth.

Nani bursts out and starts abusing Ichchha, her character, her mother's character etc.

She tells that she is living on the Uttaran of Taps. Veer moves away from Ichchha. Everybody just watches Nani abusing. Taps watches with a look acknowledging everything Nani is telling or abusing Ichchha.



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