Uttaran-640 1st July 2011


High drama continues...

The point is each character is left to speak its part of dialogue fully, there is no interference from others when one person speaks.

Now the episode...

Nani's bursts is effectively stalled by Ichchha.

Nani : What can we expect from you, it is not you but your mother's given culture is talking here.

Ichchha : If you do not talk about culture it is good. You very well know about my mother's culture, but you do not want to accept it. My mother has taught me only to tell truth. Only truth. And the truth is Tapasya is playing with the feelings of everybody. The child carried by her is not the heir of this family. Mai it is not your Vansh. Accept this truth.

Gunavanthi does not accept this and still she tells that Tapasya is carrying Vansh.

Ichchha tells further that she had been telling Taps for a long time to tell the truth but she did not. I had been to Taps room to tell her to reveal the truth.

Taps now attacks Ichchha but Ichchha defends herself well (she is not the old Ichchha you see).

Taps : Enough, enough Ichchha, If you did know this truth earlier why did you keep quiet till now. What happened, talk, answer Ichchha, what lie you are trying to make it look like truth.

Ichchha : I am not telling lie it is you who is telling lie, Tapasya. And this fact you too know about whose child you are carrying. But you will not tell.

Taps : And if you know why did not you tell till now, why did you keep quiet.

Ichchha : I kept quiet, because I did not have the courage to tell this kind of a matter. Do you remember what I told you on the Holi day. (Flashback: I will give you 15 days time, bring out courage in yourself to tell the truth, and go out of this for ever). And that day itself I came to know of your untruthfulness.

Taps : On the evening of Holi, what did you say, that the child I am bearing is not Veer's. From the day of Holi till today you did not feel it important to tell to anyone about this matter. Why?

Ichchha : Because you had stopped me from telling the truth Tapasya.

Silence... rests in the hall for sometime. After going through this dialogues if 6th sense prevails everybody now will side Ichchha, they will have to believe her that she is telling the truth.

But next Tapasya tells that she had come to this house only to give birth to the child and after giving it to her (Ichchha) she would go back to her house. She further tells, now she will not live in this house and will never return to this house. A sympathy is again created towards her. Gunavanthi pleads with her not to leave the house. She still believes in Taps.

Nani now makes a point that no one has raised. Nani asks Ichchha how did she came to know that the child Taps is carrying is not Veer's.

Taps had kept silent on this point since this would prove cent percent that the child is not Veer's and Ichchha is correct.

Ichchha is forced to tell now that Veer is not having the capacity to give birth to a child as per the medical report.

Now there is more abuses on Ichchha and Veer shouts and asks everyone to keep quiet.

He tells that he did take a test and he will once again verify that.

The story that could come in this week and thereafter...

Veer will take a re-test and the result will show positive that now he is capable of giving birth to a child. (Ichchha had been giving medicines secretly to him to make him capable of giving birth to a child). Ichchha now is left to ask the doctor to show him the earlier report and the facts. Chances are the doctor has gone on leave, or Taps on her part will try to convince the Doctor who had given the negative report earlier to tell lie upon the earlier report and change the report.

Then it is left with Rathore to come out with the truth. Now Taps have to tackle this fellow. She will play the cards of killing the child if he dares speaks anything. So he too will go silent.

Now again Taps hands will get high in Bundela's family and Ichchha will start getting more of abuses. And this time even by Veer. Veer will just recall about Ichchha hiding the bangle, slapping Taps etc., and will start believing Taps rather than Ichchha.

Hope Veer does not commit this blunder. As always Jogi Thakur will believe Ichchha and take her side. But in the end truth will win and Ichchha has to win and she will win. And after Ichchha wins what more is there in Uttaran. Uttaran will end. So uttaran to continue Taps has to win now temporarily.



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