Uttaran-641 4th July 2011


Veer asks everyone to keep quiet and enquires the matter with Ichchha separately. She could just ask sorry for not telling the matter.

Veer returns to the hall and tells his family that Ichchha repeated of what she had told before.

Daddaji bursts out and tells if she is out of her mind. Veer supports Ichchha and tells him that, If Ichchha is telling then it will be truth."

Now Daddaji asks him, "are you out of your mind. The blood that is running in you is Bundela's families blood. Thakur Baldev singh's blood. Gunavanthi asks Ichchha to go out of the house. "Are you not ashamed to tell like this." Nani too blubbers something. Veer tells her that it is his matter between a husband and wife's family matter. No one should discuss on this matter henceforth.

Gunavanthi again asks Ichchha, "what type of lady you are? Veer bursts out asking her to keep quiet, tells that he will take a blood test.

Everybody show anger on Ichchha and leave the hall. Umed Singh who is supportive to Ichchha too just glances towards her and leaves.

At Jogi's house Pushkar instigates Divya's jealousy against Damini. He tells her that this is the right opportunity to take on Damini in the absense of Jogi Thakur.

Taps standing alone thinks, 'Ichchha told the truth of Veer's weakness in front of the whole family, I did not think she would do this.'

Nani comes there and is full of smiles. She tells Taps, now Ichchha has dug her own burial. There will be no trouble from her now, no one in the house likes her. She is full of happy on the events that had taken place.

But Taps tells Nani that it is better to keep quiet to discuss on all the matters that is happening.

Nani is stunned she feels that Taps is hiding something important from her.

Veer has written a letter to Ichchha and has left for blood test.

When Ichchha is standing alone Taps comes there.

Taps tells Ichchha, "that if she had agreed then all the three of them could have lived happily.'

Ichchha : It is better to be with truth than to be with false happiness.

Taps : Whole family is now in sad, particularly Veer, do you think Veer will love you after this?

Ichchha : You are happy now, on my troubles, you have not changed, even now you are taking advantage of another person's weakness.

Taps : What advantage have I taken? Without mangalsutra, husband, sindhoor I am carrying a baby and walking here. Advantage would have been yours, you would have had a baby, this family would have had a baby to be with. I am just here for Veer, because I cannot live without Veer.

Ichchha : Shall I tell the truth Taps, you have no regard for others feelings. You are afraid of the truth that is going to come out.

Tapasya stares her continously....

Ichchha is seeing Taps wrongly here. Now Ichchha is not able to get into the feelings of Tapasya's. But Ichchha is right in bringing out the truth to open that the baby does not belong to Bundela's family.



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