Uttaran-642 5th July 2011


Ichchha continues... You not love even Veer, you just love yourself.

Taps : I don't care what you think about me, you are not the only person in this world who knows to love truly. The love which you are proud of I have seen putting it into test. Veer has gone for medical test. You are only praying for the result to be negative.

Ichchha : You want to hear the truth, Tappu. O.K. I will only tell the truth. I was only praying to God for the result to be positive. Everything to be normal.

Taps : You are really lost it Ichchha, do you know what you are talking. If the report is positive then it will get proved that this child is Veer's.

Ichchha : If it is positive then it will be proved that he can become father. But yours matter will remain false.

Taps : How will you prove. You have gone mad Ichchha.

Ichchha : Leave it Tappu, you will not understand. Because you don't have the ability to understand.

Taps : Is it so.

Ichchha : Let the report be any Tappu. But that will not affect our relationship. Veer has faith in me and I have faith in him. We love each other equally.

Bundela's family is going through terrible shock hearing that Veer cannot bear a child he cannot give heir to the family.

Umed singh rightly puts it....

If the results turn positive...then Veer's relationship with Ichchha will become sore.

If the results turn negative...then Veer will not be able to see Ichchha's face.

The one thing that they do not know is that a person who is incapable of giving a child to a women, that defect is curable, the sperm count could be increased by proper treatment.

And this point will also not strike them that he would have had the defect earlier and now it has been cured.

At Jogi Thakur's house there is another wind blewing.

Damini is stitching the button on Jogi Thakur's coat. Divya snatches the coat and starts abusing her.

She accuses her that she had tried take her place. When Damini tells that she regards her as her brother.

Divya bursts loudly, "I did not see him tie Rakhee to your hand, you stich button to his clothes, in the night you give coffee, talk in phone, sing and dance in parties and then close yourself in room and talk with him.

Damini tells enough, enough, Divya shouts back enough enough and asks what have you done at the back of me, tell Damini what what you have done.

Damini silently moves to her room weeps recalls about the abuses and then decides to go out of the house taking her belongings when she suddenly remembers what Jogi had told her and then tells herself, 'sorry sab but I cannot bear anymore.'

At Bundela's house....

The family is waiting in the hall waiting eagerly for the arrival of Veer's report.

The hospital staff delivers the report and after great silence and tension Veer reveals that the report is positive.

Veer then thinking on his own goes to meet Ichchha who also is waiting with tension.



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