Uttaran-644 7th July 2011


Scenes changes in turns...

Veer catches hold of Ichchha's hand and pulls her along, but Ichchha slowly removes his hand with the other hand of hers. For Ichchha this is a long snapping of ties, but Veer feels this snapping of hold is temporary. If only he had gone deep into her heart and knew what was in it. He would have not left the room when he hears someone calling outside.

Divya having abused Damini feels restless for what she had done. She gets a call and she leaves for hospital where Taps is struggling with pain. The last minutes of struggling the mother gets before she is put to the high happy mood once she delivers the baby. Rathore gives his supportive hand when Taps cries with pains.
She tells him to leave and so does Nani who come there. Rathore happily leaves the place.

Ichchha for the last time sees the whole room with great feelings, she recalls her meeting with Veer. She recalls her marriage when he tells before the agni kund that he would support her in all her troubles. She recalls his last words accusing her as lair.

Doctor tells that Taps has given birth to a girl. Rathore take a deep happy birth and gives money to a nurse telling her to give sweets to everyone in the hospital.

Gunavanthi and Daddaji seemed not so happy. Nani and Divya embrace each other. Veer is happy and then sad, he also recalls when he had told Ichchha that he will give a baby in her hand.

At home Ichchha takes a letter pad and starts pouring her feelings in it for the last time.

She writes...

Veer, I am going. Far from you. Very far. How much love you had given me, how can I forget that. And now when I see hatred in your eyes I cannot bear it, Veer, I Cannot bear your silence. I have seen in your eyes loosing faith on me. I am going off, I don't know when I will return, or will I ever be able to return. But Veer one day you will come to know the truth. Your Ichchha's truth Tapasya's truth. I have told you the truth but when you have lost faith in me what is the use in it. (Ichchha closes her eyes again realising Veer had lost faith in her). While going I do not want to write bad on anybody. If Tapasya's baby gets a father in you then it is the luck of that baby. I don't know if I will get back your love, enough, I will ask God only this, that he keep you happy. If you are happy to accept Taps baby as yours, if you are happy to live in its association, then I have no complaints, Veer.

Ichchha stops writing, and thinks, as far as I am concerned, someday you will understand I have suppressed the truth for some day.

She writes...

But I have not told any lies Veer, taking bangle matter and whatever you have said I am broken. For your family I am a liar. But I only tried to...

stops writing...and runs the thoughts.

Let it be, now you will not believe in my words, now before I want to tell you that I am not a liar Veer.

She continues writing...

Telling lies is not my habit, have faith in me.

Yours, only Yours Ichchha.

Signs off the letter... tears it from the pad folds it with heavy heart wipes her tears, sees Veer's photos weeps and keeps the letter below the pillow which can be seen by whoever comes to the room.

Hope Veer comes first and gets hold of the letter before Gunavanthi or Chanda or someone does...



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