Uttaran-645 8th July 2011


Ichchha wipes her tears and is about to go when she sees the little Ganesha she lifts it and takes along with her. Her heart and body does not allow her to leave so easily, she kneels on wall and weeps.

At hospital the child is put on the cradle. Rathore sees that through the glass door and tells thanks to him.

With heavy steps Ichchha slowly gets down the stairs walks slowly inch by inch getting feel of the house for the last time, turns back to see the whole house, recalls the time spent in the house with Veer, Mai, Umed Singh, chanda Didi, Dadaji. With heavy heart keeps her right foot out of the main door takes back and taking courage holding tight the Ganesha she finally keeps the right foot outside the house of Bundela's family.

At hospital Taps has given a cute baby appreciated by Nani and Divya. Veer comes there with a doll in his hand. Nani and Divya go out and Veer comes inside and kisses the baby. Taps smiles and asks if Ichcha had not come. Veer thinks of the snapping of the hand, poor fellow he does not know that was for the last time, he had touched her hand. He tells that she is not well.

Damini's life is also feeling the hell in Jogi Thakur's house. Divya had openly fixed relationship between her and Jogi Thakur. She recalls having promised Jogi that she will not leave the house. But she tells herself if not now she will never be able to leave the house and so she bends to lift the suitcase...when slowy she finds Ichchha entering the house.

Damini : What happened.

Ichchha : Everything is finished, everything finished, Ammu. (cries leaning on the shoulder of Damini, then she lies on the lap when we hear the old music running in the background).

Ichchha tells everything that had happened (not shown).

Damini : What have you decided?

Ichchha : (sits and wipes her tears) I will not go back Ammu. If Veer is not mine, what will I do going to that house. Ammu you used to tell, papa also used to tell that everytime truth will win, but in my life I have seen only lie winning, I am tired fighting and fighting, Taps and her friendship is all lies, Ammu, to whom shall I have faith, Taps became pregnant by deceit. And me, because of that I lost my love, my family. Everything is finished Ammu, everything.

Damini just stares silently whatever she was telling with intent.

She stands up with full of energy and goes fast and wipes the tears from Ichchha's eyes, having decided firmly to do something on the matter.

Damini : Enough Ichchha, enough, we lived for others till now, not more, now we will live our lives for ourselves, far from these people, where there will be no Taps, no Divya, no Jogi Thakur and no Veer.

(Ichchha shakes her head in acknowledgment.)

Whey should we struggle every time to prove ourselves that we are right. After we lived for them for so many years which had no value, why should we stay here? We have even made her bride. No, Ichchha, no more now. We have paid back all our indebtedness, now come, we have no place to live in these peoples world. Come, come.

(Reverts back to old melodious music) Damini extends her hand towards Ichchha. Ichchha wipes her eyes keeps her hand on her mother's and tells, yes ammu, come, take me far, very far, where no one will tell me I am living under the indebtedness of somebody.

A great tragedy in the love life of Ichchha and Veer.

Story that you can expect next week and thereafter

Story could change

Taps returns home with the baby. Veer returns and finds the letter and calls up Ichchha but gets no answer, then he calls Damini gets no answer. He tells his family that Ichchha has left the house.

Gunavanthi, tells, ok, she has did good. Dadaji is silent as always. Umed Singh tells to pass the message to Jogi Thakur. Jogi Thakur comes back, everybody search for the two.

Further Veer happens to go the hospital for some other purpose. The doctor greets him and asks about Ichchha and tells him to send her to meet her. Veer suddenly recalls that this is the doctor who had taken the fertility test at the first instance. He pesters her and finally comes to know that initially his sperm count was less and had advised Ichchha to give medicines and that's why he is alright now.

Veer comes back home and shouts at Tapasya and asks her to go out of the house. The family is surprised to hear him shouting like this. Veer tells what Ichchha had told is the truth and leaves the place. Tapasya feels the danger now.

Damini and Ichchha are shut in a village far from city life. Ichchha takes job in a school and teaches the children there.

When will Veer find them out.

Nani now cannot call or shout "Hey Chuddia." Neither Damini nor Ichchha is there for her to shout.

(The above story is only assumption and could change)



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