Uttaran-646 11th July 2011


Assembed in the hall are Daddaji, Gunavanthi and Nani.

Chanda comes running and tells that Ichchha is not in her room.

Nani is happy, Gunavanthi is not bothered and Dadaji says that no one should phone Ichchha and that is his order.

At Jogi's house the servant tells Divya that Damini has gone out of the house and is not going to return, Divya gets upset, she receives a call from Nani who informs that Ichchha has left the house, Divya is shocked, she tells Damini has also left. Nani laughs loud like a Hindi film villian.

Veer comes to his room and drinks a glass of water and while keeping the glass his eyes falls on the letter. He slowly takes the letter and starts reading. Water starts building up in his eyes as he reads and then the water flows down from his right eyes first and then the left. He closes his eyes and Ichchha's face comes before his mind in different angles smiling. He recalls of what she had told.

He tells himself, "just I asked a question and you have gone, ok then I will never call you."

Umed Singh comes over and is shown the letter. Veer tells that she did fault and then left the house.

Umed Singh tells that she is very hurt.

Veer tells, "she told the lie and is hurt herself! He tells that Ichchha has changed. She is not the one that was before.

Umed Singh tries to convince Veer that Ichchha has something that she has hid from them. He tells him to sit silently and think over.

Veer sits and thinks about all the conversations between them and all that went through. But could get nothing in that. A good song in the background explains his feelings.

"Thune Bandhan Kyuhen Thoda, Thune Khayhe kumu moda, kaho na kaho na kaho na...

At hospital Nani tells Taps that Ichchha has gone out of the house the thorn between her and Veer. Nani tells her that she has got an opportunity to mend her relationships with Veer.

Tapasya becomes happy, she has no concern on Ichchha's leaving the house, the old bad Tapasya returns or it seems so.



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