Uttaran-647 12th July 2011


Damini and Ichchha arrive to their old Basti and go straight to their old friend Aappa's house.

Jogi Thakur telephones Taps and gets emotional that he is not present to see the child. He asks if Ichchha is there with her. Tapasya tells lie that she has gone out on some work and cuts off the phone under some pretext.

Ichchha lives her life in Basti always thinking of the time she had spent with Veer while Veer spends his time thinking of Ichchha.

At Jogi's house an employee comes from Jogi's office asking for Damini. He tells that the canteen work is stalled. Divya tells that from next day Pushkar will look after the office and canteen.

Veer at his room, taking the bangle in his hand tells himself, 'Is your love only this much? just for this small advices you got upset and left me, for this I will never forgive you, whatever sad you might be undergoing."

Veer goes to office, when Mai asks him if he can't be at home for two days. Veer tells he has important work and goes off.

Tapasya gets upset seeing Veer is so unconcerned towards her and the child. Nani tells her that it will take sometime for Veer to forget Ichchha. She tells that the child is the one which is going to bond them (Taps and Veer).



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