Uttaran-648 13th July 2011


Tapasya puts her first plan into operation. She first tells that she knows that Veer is feeling bad about Ichchha and so she does. Then she puts the child in Veer's hand and tells him that she has some urgent work. She also asks him if he can shop and buy some things for the baby. Veer tells her to take Nani for shopping.

Shopping is done....

Nani, Taps and Mai return from shopping. They talk happily about their shopping experience.

Veer enters the hall and tells Taps that someone has come to see her. And as Rathore enters Taps face goes red.

The Honeymoon of Tapasya in Bundela's family becomes shaky.

Veer asks if she knows him. Taps talks tacitly and tells that he had come seeking her alliance. He had helped her when she had gone out of the house. He had also helped in the release of Veer when he was in custody.

Also enter Dadaji and Umed Singh.

Dialogues.... (All emotions and reactions are abvious hence not described)

Rathore : I should have told the truth earlier.

Taps : Truth, What truth? If you tell lie as truth will we accept!

Rathore : Your talent to tell lie is mind blowing. You tell lie cleanly. Ok, let me hear from your mouth, tell me what lie I am making it look like truth.

Taps : That lie is that you are loving me.

Rathore : Whether I love you are not, who can know this. There could be some reason for me to marry you. What do you feel.

Nani : What is the fun here veer. why everytime Taps is drawn into controversies?

Rathore : I was in surprise why till now your voice is not heard. Without you this story will not end. That day you were asking me through phone, what is the relation I am having with Tapasya. That means you had a doubt in your mind that Tapasya had some secret with her regarding me.

Nani : My Tappu never hides from me anything. Since you were behind her I had to ask you.

Rathore : Just like Nani same is her grand-daughter. Both are averse to truth. What do you think, I am mad, I don't have any work. Why do I come again and again, there could be some reason, which I know and Tapasya knows. Tapasya had come to me asking help to get Veer released. I had promised that I will release you (seeing towards Veer). I did as promised. And she promised she will marry me.

Taps: You had compelled me. I got frightened.

Rathore : Until when you will hide the truth.

Taps : What truth you are talking about? That what you are calling love is not love but only obsession. The truth is that neither I am loving you nor you are loving me.

Rathore : Talk what you know, you will never know... come to know anytime whether I am loving you or not. At least you agree that I know you. I Know you more than you. But let me tell you, you just love yourself and never love anyone.

Taps : Mr.Rathore, you have made too much fun stop now and get out.

Rathore : Don't shout, the child is sleeping, its sleep will get disturbed. I think the time has come, the time has come to tell the truth to everyone, Tapasya. Everyone know why I came seeking alliance. Why I came today? what I want from Tapasya?

Taps : Stop it Mr.Rathore, you have frightened me much, no more.

Dadaji : No Tapasya, let him tell, today I too want to know what he has to tell.

Taps : Veer don't believe any of his words. Now he will tell that this child is also his.

Rathore : Exactly, I wanted to hear this only. I am sorry Mr.Bundela, you and your family are living in this false belief. I had come seeking alliance because Tapasya is the mother of my child. Today I came for the child and her mother. Mai the child is like your granddaughter but she is my daughter.

Veer starts recalling what Ichchha had told him that the child Tapasya is bearing is not his.

Veer : Tell Tapasya, is this true?

Nani : Veer, this man is out of mind don't believe his words this child is yours and you are the father.

Rathore : How will you prove that it is not my daughter?

Nani : What to prove, it is not possible for Tapasya to have relationship with you.

Rathore : Can you vow and tell that there is no relationship with me. See your grand-daughter's face the truth will come out by itself.

Nani : This man has gone mad, Veer thrash him and send him out.

Rathore : You are not behaving as per your age, isn't it. I had not come here to make fun. I can prove this, who ever has doubt they can do a test. I am ready to do DNA test.

Nani : Enough, we don't want to do any test, this is Tappu's daughter I know it. Everyone talks about testing, is this a funny matter.

Rathore : Standing in your house, I don't like to argue with the elders. I am ready to do test. The truth will come out itself.

Nani : Why is everybody silent?! Our Tappu cannot tell such a big lie. This is all rubbish, I will never allow this to happen.

Veer : (seriously) I like to get the DNA test done. That too today.

Nani : Veer!



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