Uttaran-649 14th July 2011


Veer tells that he wants to take DNA test, and that too today itself.

Nani plays a drama of going out of the house along with Tapasya and as expected Gunavanthi bursts out telling no one will take any test.

Gunavanthi lifts the baby and tells that it is her's child, Veer's child. She further tells that she can't believe Rathore. She asks him to go.

(In other words she out rightly rejects Ichchha, if Ichchha conceives and Tapasya brings a story against her she will take sides with Tapasya. Until her last breath Gunavanthi is not going to accept Ichchha whatever good she does or is, this is how a family will break, Veer has the option of keeping Ichchha away from the eyes or contacts of Gunavanthi, maybe only this will put him in union with Ichchha).

Rathore comes near the baby, smiles and tells, "My princess, dad is going now, but will return soon to take you. Before going I want to be clear that I am not defeated, this child is mine and I cannot be away from it, if anybody wants to do anything they can do, (towards Taps) you certainly have to come to me. Till now you have seen my one side of face, now you will see what Rathore can do." Rathore thus leaves fast.

Veer thoughtfully goes away without uttering a word so does Dadaji and Umed Singh. Tapasya feels the heat seeing Veer.

Damini and Ichchha are at Basti.

Damini : You might be remembering Veer very much. But what will happen if you cry. If you decide to live, then look forward because we have shut the door to go back.

Ichchha : Yes Ammu probably Veer is very happy with the child.

Damini : Now in this life I am for you and you are for me.

Ichchha : I am frightened Ammu, some day Veer will come to know the truth. At that time he will be broken.

Damini : But what can we do. He did not believe you, alright it happens sometimes. But Veer should have supported you. If Veer wants to live with false people let him live. You have tried your best, isn't it.

Ichchha : Yes Ammu, I have tried my level best to explain him, I feel like not returning to that house. Where everytime I am suspected.

Damini : You get up, if you sit like this, nothing will happen.

Ichchha : I am trying to forget everything. But everytime my thoughts revolves around Veer where ever I go, to temple, to school. How can I come over these thoughts Ammu?

Damini : Time, time is the treatment for every sad and events, whatever you could do, you did, enough, no more. Just look forward now, leave your thoughts behind. You have repaid a lot on your childhood friendship, don't cry, don't cry, Ichchgi. Tell to your heart, tell to your mind, it will certainly listen to you, real. Lets go and eat food, I am very hungry, will you not feed me?

(Damini stands alone and thinks to herself) Ichchhgi I too could not come away from thoughts. Every moments comes to my mind. It is difficult to come off it. Day and night I think of the future. How many thoughts. Everytime only one word comes to mind, that received from the relationship of Malik (master) and servant, Uttaran, Uttaran, Uttaran.

At Jogi's house the servants do not do any work or do not know what to do.

Divya becomes frustrated and tells if she cuts their salary they will understand. Just then she receives a phone call and Jogi asks her what she can buy for Tapasya and Ichchaa. Divya suppresses the fact of Damini's matter.

Nani tries to know the true facts about the relationship of Rathore with her but Tapasya as usual is silent, gets more frustrated, tells her to keep silent and closes her eyes. Nani tells she can understand, she warns Taps that closing eyes will not solve the matter. My experience tells me that Rathore is strong will powered person. If he stands his ground then....(Nani and Taps embrace each other).

Rathore calls his lawyer at the middle of night, asks him to do whatever he wants, but he wants his daughter, as early as possible.



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