Uttaran-650 15th July 2011


Rathore is angry with what had happened and he is thinking about it when Tapasya enters.

Rathore tell her to go and that he will meet her in court.

For the first time ever she accepts that the child his Rathore's. She tells that she very well knows that the child is his. She tells that night whatever happened was not with her acceptance. That Rathore on that day had taken advantage of her weakness. She tells him to forget that he has a daughter.

Rathore tells her neither he will forgot the child nor he will allow others to forget it. He tells her that a notice will come from court to her.

Tapasys pleads with him, tells him that she had got an opportunity to live with Veer. She and her child are happy with Veer.

Rathore rightly tells her that she not only spoils her own life but others too.

She repeatedly pleads with him and tells him that she and child is happy with Veer and to leave her to live with him.

Veer lonely sits and thinks over what Rathore had told and what Ichchha had told. He asks himself if he had not done wrong believing Tapasya against Ichchha. Ichchha had before too told about Satya and Sanchi, he had not listened to her even then, maybe this time too....'I should talk to her,' he takes his mobile phone for the first time to call, then keeps it shut and tells himself, 'no not in phone.'

At Basti Ichchha is lying in the bed, takes the photo of Veer and keeps it to her heart and weeps.

Veer hurriedly gets down the stairs when Umed singh stops him and asks him where is he going?

Veer tells him that he is going to bring Ichchha.

Umed Singh tells him Ichchha maybe in an angry mood, it is better to bring her next day. Gunavanthi too is not believing her, that he will make her understand, if Gunavanthi and Daddaji comes in his way he will go against them and will support Veer, he too will come along with Veer to bring back Ichchha. If she is not accepted in this house they shall go somewhere else and live.

Ichchha is sitting and thinking at the door step when Aapaa Nani comes there and takes her rememberance far back to that day when she had put on her hand Kismat Tatoo. Ichchha sees the Kismat Tatoo that she had put on her wrist and tells that she does not have Kismat (luck).

Aapaa Nani tells her that God is always with good people and tells her that little quarrels will not last long, she comforts her telling that Veer will come to take her the next day itself.



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