Uttaran-651 16th July 2011


Ichchha is seeing the stars and Damini feeds her favourite food. Ichchha tells that in childhood imagination was like truth and truth imagination. She used to see the stars in the sky and speak with it thinking it as her daddy. She used to talk a lot with the stars so much that the distance between the sky and earth becomes close/near. And now when we grow up the far and near everything changes. Being near we are so far, so much of clouds gather... neither the earth below is felt nor the stars in the sky.

Damini can understand the hidden meaning of those words.

Damini : I cannot help you even if I am willing. Being in this place your sad will not subside. The ghost of thoughts will come till throat and will sit. Ichchgi we will go far from this place. We will go very far from this thoughts, this basti, this city, from Veer, from Thakur Sab. We will go to our village, our house, we will go tommorrow itself.

Ichchha : (thinks about Damini too packing off when she came to Jogi's house) Ammu, when I came to the house you too were packing your things to go outside. What happened Ammu, what happened with you.

Damini says nothing and just keeps the hand on Ichchha.

At Veer's room...

Veer is seeing the photo of Ichchha when Tapasya comes from behind with baby with full of smiles. Her face changes seeing Veer. She smilingly asks him whether he can accompany her to hospital. Veer asks her to go with Nani. Tapasya shows innocent face tells that after the baby's birth many questions will be asked. Tapasya tells O.K. it is no problem, I will go alone.

Veer feels touched with her words and tells he will not run away from responsibilities and will accompany her.

Nani and Divya talk happily about the absense of Damini and Ichcha. Divya says that she is happy by their going, but she is afraid of Jogi.

Nani tells to hide these things from Jogi, as she is saying so Nani hears a voice from back.. Jogi tells you have told right Mousi. Nani throws a stunning look hearing the voice and turns back.

At hospital the Doctor checks up the baby. The baby cries and so Tapasya goes to the car and waits. The doctor tells that she is happy seeing Veer adopting a child. Veer gets confused and asks why she is asking so. Doctor tells that Veer's and Tapasya's blood group is 'O' positive and the daughter's blood group is 'AB' positive. Those who have 'O' positive blood group cannot have a baby with 'AB' positive. Only one could be the child's parent. Veer then recalls Rathore saying to his mother that 'the child you are having is like your grand-daugther but is not your grand-daughter she is my daughter.'

Veer calls up Taps and tells her to go she questions him back and Veer gets angry with her and tells her to go. Tapasya gets confused and asks the driver to start the car.

Jogi tells to Nani that she has once again done the same thing that is her character. He asks her, "what do you think, I will take away somebody's rights, their family and marriage and give my daughter happy. Divya, we have sown in the garden of Tapasya seed of throns, we have to bear the punishment for that.

Nani tells Jogi that there is no mistake with Divya. Jogi shoots back, are you explaining me what is right and wrong? Neither I am blind nor Divya has blindfolded her eyes. Jogi leaves.

Veer is walking through the road and tries to catch some vehicle or take lift.

Jogi Thakur comes over to Basti, Damini sees him from far, runs back to the house and tells Ichchha that Jogi is coming.

Jogi knocks the door and asks for them. Aapa Nani tells lie to Jogi that she does not know where they are and sends him back.

Veer reaches Jogi's house and sees Divya and asks for Ichchha. Divya tells him that Damini and Ichchha have left the house without telling. Veer takes leave telling that it is important for him to meet them.

Damini and Ichchha are packing up things to leave the Basti.
Veer is walking up in the Basti to meet them. He is so urgent to meet them that he dashes a cycle and a fruit's man, pays him and comes along.

Damini tells Aapa Nani not to tell anyone about their whereabouts. She takes blessing from her and leaves with Ichchha. Ichchha goes along with Damini half-hearted.

Veer just misses Damini and Ichchha by a whisker. He had come just a shade second late.

Aapa Nani does not help him with any information and shuts the door almost on his face.

Veer sadly sats in the bench outside when he gets information through a student of Ichchha that she had left just now. Veer runs for his life and again misses the duo by a whisker when they just passed by.

As a last luck the auto which they board does not start and Veer searching the passengers in each auto comes near the auto of Ichchha when it gets started and moves by again Veer missing it by a shade second.

Damini and Ichchha do not know that Veer already had known the truth and is after them. Their assumption is he is very happy with Tapasya and the new born child.

Veer comes back to house drenched in rain. Tapasya greets him at house.

Veer : Shall I ask you something. Don't tell lie. Do you love me?

Tapasya : What type of question is this? I have you told you, I love you very much.

Veer : I was blind, I did not understand your love, you love me too much Isn't it, how much Tapasya.

Taps : I love you very much more than anyone else.

Veer : You are a missile of a love who make truth a lie and a lie truth. For this love which lie you make truth and which truth a lie. Tell me. I know everything, but I want to listen from you. Atleast tell me once the truth.

Taps : Do you want to know whose child is this. The truth is you are not the father of this child. The child's real father is Mr.Rathore.

Veer's thoughts runs back of how Ichchha had tried to bring out the truth and droplets of water comes from his left side of eyes as always. Taps tries to tell him further the circumstances of how these things happened. Veer gets angry and shouts at her.

Veer : You are telling lie, telling lie, you cannot love anybody because you love only yourself. How many times and ways you tried to separate Ichchha from me, at last you succeeded, see I am alone, Ichchha is not with me. (Veer starts smiling and laughing like a mentally retarded person) You are happy, now you got what you wanted, see Veer is right in front of you Tapasya, your Veer, love me, love me, come on Tapasya I am right here in front of you. Come on, come and have me, come embrace me.

Veer catches of hold of her hand. Tapasya shouts, "Veer stop it." telling so she move away. Tapasya throws fire in her face. She should now have realised her position fully.

Veer slowly comes towards Tapasya and tells her..

Veer : You are lucky Tapasya, now no one is in the house. And I don't have strength with me to once again lift the veil from you lies. To see everyone get broken. Before everybody come back, you take your daughter and leave the house. There is no place for you in this house now.

Tapasya realises the game is over now.

Veer : Tapasya I told you to go from here now.

Tapasya comes near Veer and touches his back and Veer turns back with fire in his eyes and face, putting Tapasya with fright of her life. She is stunned and goes silent for some time and goes on seeing his face. Then as Veer leaves she again tries to convince him and catches hold of his hand. As Ichchha did with him now Veer does with Taps he removes the holding hand of Tapasya with his other hand and stares on her. She realises that everything is over now, no more talks can bring in any success.

Veer is standing in the hall, Tapasya comes down the stairs with the baby in her hand.

Taps : I am going.

Veer: Lalla.

Lalla : Taxi as arrived.

Taps : I needed it.

Veer : Not for you it is for baby.

Taps now slowly walks out of the house.

Veer : Before you go listen this, let not the child suffer for your wrongs, her father wants it.

A police van is chasing a thief and the thief hides in an orphanage ashram.

Tapasya too comes in the car there with the child. She sees the thief and asks him if he works here. He tells that he works in the ashram. She asks him to look after the child for one hour and she will return. If the child cries she asks him to give the milk from the milk bottle. She places the child and the milk feeding bottle in the cradle which is kept there.



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