Uttaran-652 18th July 2011


Tapasya requests the thief to look after the child and goes back to the taxi.

The thief takes the child opens the umbrella since it was raining and gets out of that place.

Rathore is sitting in his house.

Tapasya comes to Rathore's house and tells him that she has come as per his wish. She asks him if he loves her and tells him that she had come to him forever. Rathore stands up and he moves forward, Tapasya tells him to stop.

Tapasya : You have been telling everytime, that you were loving me and Veer does not love me. Today it is test for you. I want to tell you something. Will you accept me without your daughter. (Rathore stares blankly) Why are you silent. Answer me.

Rathore : I have answer for all of your questions. First tell me where is my daughter? Where is my daughter?

Tapasya : Child! everybody wants my child, for some it looks like their son for some like shadow of Vansh. Mai, Papa, Veer everybody had accepted me just for the child. For you it is nothing. You had come seeking my alliance just to show off. Veer is better than you, Veer had never loved me, but you acted as if you are loving me. You are accepting me just because that one night you spent with me.

Rathore : And you think that you know what is Love? Do you think that you understand love? I have lost love and relationship Tapasya, hence I know its value. If I had just wanted the child it was not difficult for me. 1000's of girls would stand for me and my money. But I wanted you. A person like me withstood all the abuses/shamefulness. I disliked your lies and adamntness. That is broken now. You yourself have come to me. I tolerated your love on Veer, If I hadn't loved you, Veer would have not been roaming free now. If I had not loved you I would have not come to your house seeking your hand. I would not have taken all the abuses and returned empty handed. What do you know about me! People who say 'no' to me I will cut their tongues. But I had just kept my head down for every refusal's by you. These things we can talk later. There is rain and wind, where is my daughter Tapasya? First we shall bring her home and whatever questions you have I will answer those. Is it at Veer's home or your daddy's house.

Tapasya : First tell me, whether you can accept me without your daughter.

At Bundela's house Chanda tells to Nani and Gunavanthi that Veer has sent out Tapasya out of the house. Gunavanthi goes to see Veer. Nani gets funcked and tells to herself, what I was afraid of, that had happened.

Rathore : Yes I love you, I love you so much that without child also I love you, but I don't know what love it is that I have with you. I only know this, when a man loves a women he loves her fully, he wants to make a family out of her. I care for the child because I care for you. I had checked the child reports to many doctors. I don't want to loose you and the child. I had earned a lot of money, but I can't purchase love from it, money is nothing, its only about the love. Its only about the relationships that you have. If you ask me If I am loving you, I love you very much, with or without the baby.

Tapasya : What can I tell you. I am very happy. I tested you since my world is shattered. I thought you were accepting me just because of my child. That's why I did not accept you.

Tapasya weeps and Rathore embraces her and kisses on her forehead. A new relationship brews between them forthwith.



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