Uttaran-653 19th July 2011


Gunavanthi is sitting as if the world had fallen on her head keeping her hand on her cheek. Chanda instigates her and tickles her mind with posing questions making her think more. And then she smiles to herself.

Rathore consoles Tapasya and tells that he, Tapasya and their daughter will lead a new life.

Nani and Divya discuss about Tapasya being sent out of the house. Divya gets angry on Veer and takes the phone to question him when Nani tells that the child is not Veer's but Rathore's. Divya puts the phone to the ground stunned.
Nani tells that Tapasya had been wrong and she could do nothing. Divya gets into high tension. Nani tells to herself whether Taps has not gone to Rathore's house.

Rathore goes in search of the child alone while Tapasya is taking rest being unwell.

Rathore comes to Jankidas Anaad Ashram and sees the cradle but finds it empty.

The police are still behind the thief but he escapes from the questioning police hiding is face and telling that he is going to buy medicines for his child who is unwell. Right at that time a auto comes and he goes off carrying the child.

Rathore is in high tension and finds the Ashram locked he asks everyone passing by if they had seen the child but gets no answer, finally he sits down on the Ashram steps fully drenched from the rain.

Jogi recalls what Aapaa Nani had told him and sits worried. Divya slowly comes by and tells him that Tapasya's child is not Veer's but Rathore's and she has been sent out of the house.

Damini and Ichchha are sitting on a bench waiting for their bus which got into mechanical problems. Someone comes there and tells them that the bus cannot be repaired.

Ichchha asks her why she was leaving house when she had come to the house, Damini tells her to talk something else and she does not want to discuss about that. Ichchha tells her that she can understand even without her telling.

Ichchha tells this rain is not stopping. Damini tells yes, do not know what fate is in store.

Yes, the fate is calling...in the name of the crying baby.

Ichchha hears the cry of the baby.



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