Uttaran-654 20th July 2011


There is thunderstorm and rain, the thief carrying Tapasya's baby reaches a safe place and then sees a hay dry grass, he thanks the child for saving him and keeps the child on the heap of hay. As he is about to go he sees the gold chain on the neck of the child, smiles, removes the gold chain, thanks the child once again and leaves the child behind crying.

As fate would have it Ichchha who is waiting for the bus hears the crying of the baby and comes in search of it. She calls if someone is there finding nobody she moves near the child and lifts the child with her both hands.

Parithraya sadhunaam vinashayacha dhuskrutham. Dharmasansthapanathaya Sambavaami Uge Uge.

Immediately as she feels the child in her hand she is attracted towards it and kisses its forehead. She goes on and on kissing the child.

karuneshu laxmi kameshu dharti, karuneshu daasi.
Roopeshu lakshmi, shaameshu dharti.

She once again asks if anybody is there and again plays with the child and plays with it just like she had been playing with a doll at her young age. A close bondage already gets into between them.

Damini reaches there calling her. Ichchha tells that someone has left the child behind. Damini tells her that she has done a good thing taking it and they will look for her mother who may be near somewhere. As she turns she notices Ichchha kissing the child and understands her feelings and tells her that the mother of the child could have been a stone-hearted lady who has left behind such a child.

Rathore sits in his room sadly and receives all the phone calls with excitement thinking the child is found. Then he tells himself that everything is lost, probably it is not written in his fate to have a child, or it could be the punishment for the mother who has left the child in a rainy night.

Jogi Thakur tells to Divya that in his life he has not felt such disgusting things. "Tapasya is living her life with the help of lies. She has not left any relationship, she has made a fun of the motherly relationship. What kind of parents we are? What type of daughter you have given birth to?" he shouts at Divya. We thought she had changed but it was wrong.
Divya asks in this rainy weather where could she be?

Enough, Divya, Tapasya would have come here after these things, she has cut off all her relationship with us.

Damini and Ichchha ask everyone present there showing the child if they saw her mother but nobody can give any information. Damini tells that the mother may not come. Ichchha asks what they will do with the child. Damini tells that they will report this to police. Ichchha's asks back how the police can give treatment to it, tells that they will keep the child till morning and if its mother comes they will give it. Ichchha then starts kissing the child. Damini says she does not want to take more trouble and tommorrow the real parents may accuse them on some grounds. So they have to report this to police.

At this time someone comes there and tells, "If you report this to police will the child get back its mother?" Ichchha is nailed and so is Damini.



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