Maharani-422-1 20th July 2011


Prakash calls up Topiaz and tells that Rani will do for him anything that he asks for. He tells that it was Rani that had run over the car over his hand during their fight.

Hearing this Topiaz face goes red with anger. He then decides to confirm this himself.

Topiaz who is non-believer somehow finds out the car driver, brings in the car dealer and meets Rani. Rani is shocked to see him the car dealer coming with Topiaz. Topiaz watches the changed reaction in her face and look and introduces him to her.

Topiaz purposefully tells that he has left a packet in his car and goes away from them so that they could talk freely and reveal the secrets that he is waiting for. Things go about as expected by him. Rani takes the car dealer and asks him if he had said anything to Topiaz. The car dealer says that Topiaz asked him nothing and even if he asks he will not tell anything. Rani threatens him if he reveals her name. He then demands more money to keep quiet. Rani thus gets blackmailed.

Topiaz silently watches their dramas through a window. Thus Topiaz hiding overhears their talk and comes know for certain that it was Rani who had run over the car on him. Then he comes over and goes along with the car dealer having accomplished successfully what he had come for.

At Yamuna Associates office, Anand, Mahalaxmi and Vikram are in discussion. Anand tells that only by killing Topiaz a solution could be arrived and that he is going to kill him so that others could live happily.

Mahalaxmi and Vikram ask him to maintain patience. Anand tells that he and Mahalaxmi are certain that Balasubramaniam's death too is the handi-work of Topiaz and Rani. Vikram gets curious and serious hearing this and shows a murderous look on his face. Thus the enemies against Topiaz grow in number. And when Topiaz gets killed really all these people will be put under scanner.



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