Maharani-423-1 21th July 2011


Rani gets a call from Topiaz telling that he has arranged a party for her. Rani too is in an happy mood having positive overtures from Prakash. Prakash had told her that henceforth they will not fight and could amend their relationship for good if only she is able to bring in the signed papers of Mahalaxmi which Topiaz has in his possession. Rani accepts the deal and when Topiaz calls for the party she readily accepts. Prakash says he could not join the party and keeps back. So Rani goes alone to see Topiaz , Prakash sends her telling that this could be her last meeting. Rani thinks of her first night that she would be spending with Prakash after the comprise that she had with him and goes to meet Topiaz.

Mahalaxmi too sets out after telling to Yamuna that she wants to go to discuss some business, Yamuna tries to stop her but she insists on going and leaves.

Anand sets out with a knife in his traveling bag, Suja who had already seen the knife in the bag takes that out in front of him, she asks him if he is taking this knife to kill Topiaz. Suja and her mother tries to stop him but he does not stop.

Suja meets Prakash and tells him that her husband has gone out with a knife with the intention to kill Topiaz. Prakash tells her if Topiaz gets killed it will be by only one person which is Rani.

Vikram sits in front of his father's photo and talks with his father's soul. He asks him through ether whether he really met with accident or someone had killed him.

Anand calls up Topiaz and tells him that he wants to meet him. Topiaz tells him that he can never meet him today nay whatever may. Anand insists on meeting him but Topiaz cuts off the phone.

Rani goes to meet Topiaz in a secluded place, then she sees something and takes to her heels. She frequently turns back and continues her running. A snap shot of someone's blood and body is shown.



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