Maharani-424-1 22nd July 2011


Rani goes on running and running...

Anand comes back home in his car opens his house gate and then locks it from inside rings up the calling bell and as the door is opened by Suja enters the house with tension. Suja puts him volley of questions. Suja's mother too comes by. He drinks water, tells them he is tired and then goes upstairs. Suja questions him and asks him about the knife. Anand tells that he has thrown it.
Whether he had murdered Topiaz!

Vikram too returns home with tension, opens the gate and closes it with tension. He comes to the door and rings the calling bell. His mother opens the door and he enters with tension. His mother asks him about his tense. He tells he is tired. Whether he had murdered Topiaz!

Prakash waits for Rani. Rani's mother comes over and asks him about Rani. Prakash tells her to go and sleep peacefully and that Rani would return safely. Rani comes slowly throwing a frightened look on seeing Prakash. Whether she could have murdered Topiaz!

Prakash asks her why she had taken so much time to come back from yesterday evening to today morning, he sees that she had changed her dress and asks her why she had changed the dress too. She tells some car fellow put mud on her clothes and hence she had to change.

Prakash asks her if she fought with Topiaz. She tells she has not fought. She fakes headache and moves out of the place.

At Yamuna's house someone calls up and asks her to come to her old house. Yamuna sees Mahalaxmi sleeping soundly in her bed. Without awaking Mahalaxmi Yamuna sets out to meet the person who had called her on phone. Yamuna sets out to her old house alone, she sees Topiaz's car standing there and tries to look inside the car, but the car's windows are all locked and she could see nothing. She makes a round of the car and then moves on. In the verandah leaning the wall she finds Topiaz dead there. To confirm he is dead or alive she touches him and body falls to the ground stiff. She screams with fright and hearing her screams people assemble there.

Yamuna then sneaks out. Someone informs the police and Inspector Kalaimurthy comes there in his zeep. He finds Topiaz's dead body. He enquires the people present there and gets to know that Yamuna was the first person to see the dead body. His face grows suspicious.



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