Uttaran-659 27th July 2011


Tapaysa : Where is my child. The child would be crying. It needs me. Give my child please. Tell me where is my child?

Cries, pleads desperately and asks for her baby.

Rathore : Calm down, listen, the child was not there.

Tapsaya : You would have not searched him properly, come on I will show you, we will search and bring it back.

Rathore shouts at her and brings her back to calmness and tells everything that he did after she went unconscious. Tapasya then realizes that it was her mistake. Then she faints unable to bear the separation. Rathore looks on and tells to himself that he will somehow search the child and will bring back.

Divya and Nani discuss about the absence of Tappu and conclude that she should be in Rathore’s house. They argue to go to Rathore’s house. Divya wants it to be told to Jogi but Nani does not want. Nani was saying, Jogi always is worried about Damini and Ichchha, when...

Jogi enters behind Nani.

Nani goes on… Being afraid of Jogi Tappu is not coming here. For some other girl he is feeling so much sad and not for his own daughter. I am a simple person I do not have this big heart as Jogi has and do not understand his mind.

Jogi Thakur : When did you try to understand me, I always was trying to reform Tapasya, sometimes I punished her but on all occasions you came to wipe her tears. My daughter was having mis-understandings I would have solved it, but you were pouring poison into her ears. How will she accept her dad’s advices.

Nani : What I did, I did out of my love with Tappu. If loving Tappu is injecting poison?

Jogi : I regarded you as my mother. I respected you. Is it not the responsibility of the parents to reform their children? When Tapasya thought that I love Ichchha more than her, what did you do? Did you advise her that she is doing wrong, did you tell her that she does not understand her father. She was a child, does not know anything. But you instigated her hatred feelings, you increased it. It is the habit of human beings when the seed of love is sown they live with it till their death but to sow the seed of hatred it sprouts in the night itself. It would have been better that you had been far from Tapasya. If you wanted to give love to her you could have given true love to her. I was trying to reform Tapasya and every time you were spoiling her.

Why did you not tell about Rathore. I could have advised Tapasya and showed her the right path. Tapasya’s one lie has made three families to suffer. Did you go to Veer’s house to see in what condition they are in. What is the condition of our family. You do not have the heart/strength to understand the sadness of Ichchha and Damini. Divya which I had seen and understood she is not now. (Divya looks a stared look). She did not go even once to that house to know where her daughters have gone. Why did they allow them to go, let that be Ichchha or Tapasya. Congratulations, you have changed my wife, just like you. I plead you not to interfere in husband and wife relationships and inject more poison.
Jogi leaves…

Divya : Mausiji.

Nani : Enough, Enough Divya, you don’t weep for me. I am poison injecting women. I have a stone heart.

Divya : Mousiji, I ask your forgiveness, do not take wrongly Tappu’s papa’s words.

Nani : Why do you ask for sorry. I have spoiled your daughter’s life. I had kept her in my heart, to fulfill all her wishes I did all wrongs and right things. Jogi has now punished me putting her in the center-stage. Now I have nothing to say. But one thing Divya, this is the time when Tapasya needs you more. Let not the time slip by, if something happens don’t tell me anything.

Divya : No Mausi, I will not allow it to happen.

Nani : Then come with me, otherwise I will go with Pushkar and bring Tappu, let others tell me whatever they like.

Avinash’s house…

Ichchha : You told us that seeing us your master’s condition will improve. But seeing us his condition has become worse. Ammu was suggesting to leave this house.

Damini : I know Avinasji, that you are the well-wisher of your master. But I was not agreeable for this from the start. If something happens to your master because of my daughter my daughter will feel life long that because of her…(Avinash cuts in).

Avinash : No, not like that, master is now alright. Seeing you once he became very happy. Because of happiness his condition became bad, doctor was telling so. Now he can take his last breath with peace. You both can stay for one more day, or do as you wish.

At Rathore’s house Nani is arguing with the security.

Nani : How will you not allow us to meet, go and tell him Tapasya’s Nani and her mother have come to meet him.

Rathore : Allow them to come. (Divya folds her hand-sign of namaste) Sit down.
Nani : We have not come here to sit.

Rathore : You are Tapasya’s mother, what help can I do for you.
Nani : We have not come for any help. We have come to take Tapasya, where have you hidden her.

Rathore : Naniji, sit down, want water?

Nani : It is not necessary to do these dramas. We are frustrated so much, do you know, tell us where is Tappu.

Rathore : How will I know, she was with you at Veer’s house.

Nani : See I am asking a question, answer that. Tapasya has come to your house only, call her.

Rathore : She is not here. Why don’t you ask Veer. He must be knowing it.
Nani : What I should do and what I should not, you don’t tell me . I know very well that you wanted to have Tapasya under any cost. You are hiding her somewhere. From the time she left Veer’s house she has not returned to the house. You did not allow her to come.

Rathore : She left Veer’s house and did not come to you. And you think she came to me, Why? there is no relationship between me and her, you were telling so, she had a child with her and she went somewhere, instead of asking me you should ask yourself where she went. You should ask yourself why she did not come to you. Why she did not go to her father’s house.

Divya : (talks humbly)See, we are worried that she may have been frightened hence has not come to our house. We are very much worried, she is having a small baby, how can she look after it alone!?

(Rathore sees the other way and thinks, these people do not know that the child is lost somewhere)



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