Uttaran-628-15th Jun 2011


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Daddaji, Umed Singh, Jogi Thakur and the lawyer are at the police station asking ACP Gauri Sharma to release Veer on Bail. She tells that if the accused accepts his guilt then she will see. At this time there comes Rathore and tell her, "Unless his guilt is proved don't call him an accused officer."

Rathore : I have come here to help law.

Gauri Sharma : Have you come here to discuss on this case.

Rathore : I want to talk with you some important matters on this case.

Gauri Sharma :Why should I talk with you? Are you related to Veer? A big lawyer? Or a big saviour?

Rathore : I am the citizen of this country. Want to help Law. Is that a crime? As for relationship is concerned there is a wall between us.

Gauri Sharma :I am sorry I can't understand.

Rathore : Shall we go inside and talk. Some matters are to be talked alone and before the court only.

All the five look towards him intriguingly.

The ACP takes him inside.

Umed Singh tells that Rathore once discussed with Veer about business. He talks about Rathore coming to their house as a groom. Jogi Thakur is surprised to hear this.

Damini calls up asks about Rathore but Ichchha escapes switching of her mobile telling that she has work.

Damini thinks that Ichchha knows everything and whenever she hides something about Tapasya from her then she lands up in trouble.

Back at Police station...

Gauri Sharma :You mean to say everything is planned.

Rathore : Very well planned and executed. Veer has been trapped/fixed into this.

Gauri Sharma :But why?

Rathore : Bundela family had done a wrong. Satya had to bear the punishment because of that and his childhood's life got spoilt. He was taking revenge because of this incident.

Gauri Sharma :How do you know all this?

Rathore : We are business partners. He wanted me too to be a part of his plan. But I did not like his way and thinkings.

G ; Mr.Rathore we need evidence.

Rathore : I have seen lots of ups and downs in my life officer. I am a very cautious man. I felt that someday I would need this. Whatever me and Satya conversed it is recorded here...

Rathore takes a tape-recorder and plays. After hearing that conversation she comes out of herself and tells that Veer will get bailed. Rathore tells to keep everything secret since he is a business man and he will present his evidence in a court of law.

ACP then asks her Sawant constable to prepare arrest warrant on Satya and Sanchi. She comes out and asks the bail paper from the lawyer and tells that Veer will be released. He has been fixed in this case. Veer has to come to police station unless Satya and Sanchi are found guilty in this case.

Ichchha and Tapasya are dreaming about the return of Veer when the door bell rings. Both of them run towards the main door. Ichchha opens the door and finds Veer standing there. The bacground song goes on and on behind giving more emotional into this meeting. Tears flows in the eyes of Ichchha and she goes and embraces Veer. They be in that embraced position when Tapasya comes downstairs almost running forgetting that she is pregnant and stands still at the footsteps seeing them embraced. Two souls are already mingled and one soul just watches them with melting heart. Love wins. Tweet this and spread the love.

The background song ends and so today's episode.



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