Uttaran-629-16th Jun 2011


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Tapasya soul goes on watching when Mai comes and embraces Veer. Tapasya's heart draws breath seeing another embrace. Nani comes near Tapasya's longing soul and Tapasya seeing her comes to this world and does a defeated smile towards her. Nani understands her feelings and takes her towards Veer.

Mai asks Veer how did this happen (she asks about his release). Tapasya's heart sinks once again (whether at least now he will see towards her and tell it was because of her).

Veer tells that it was because of Mai's blessings and Ichchha's faith. Tapasya feels ignored once again. She keeps her hands on her chest.

Chanda brings out a point. How did the release happen when the case was strong.

Ichchha thinks about what Tapasya had told her. Only Rathore who knows about Satya and Sanchi can help in his release. But she keeps quiet. So does Taps.

Umed Singh tells that after Rathore came there to discuss about this case something happened. Everybody see one another.

Veer sees everyone intriguingly and at last sees towards Tapasya. He took really a long time to see towards her. He goes near her and asks her..."How are you?"

Tapasya just feelingly seeing towards him says, "Fine."

"And baby!?"

Tapasya just shakes her head in affirmative, what else she can do.

Mai tells Ichchha to take Veer to room so that he can take rest.

And just as in an old film we see the heroine seeing his hero leaving we see two drops of tears coming down the eyes of Taps. Great feeling.

Comes Nani and puts the facts into the ears of Taps of how she had been running here and there to get Veer released. But this time the good she had become, Tapasya just ignores her and tells fluttering her rosy lips, "I am happy, Veer has come back home, what else I need." Inside her we see her heart showing some sadness. Tapasya thus leaves... leaving Nani staring back of her.

Jogi Thakur scolds Divya for not informing him about the groom visiting Bundela's family asking Taps hands. He tells because of her they have to put their heads down while he feels proud of Ichchha.

Damini comes there and Jogi passes the information of Veer's release and leaves the place. Divya talks bad of Ichchha and praises Taps.

Tapasya is passing her time in sad when she receives the call from Rathore. Rathore speaks out the heart of Taps as if he was present watching everything. Tapasya listens to what he is speaking in half-mind since she is yet to recover from the happy mood on the arrival of Veer and the sad mood that she cant't be with him.



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