Uttaran-630 -17th Jun 2011


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Veer is sitting in his room and asks Ichchha if something had happened in the house in his absence. He asks about Rathore. Ichchha does not know what to tell about him when Tapasya enters the room with a juice to Veer.

Chanda comes and informs that Daddaji wants to meet Veer. So Veer goes to meet Daddaji downstairs leaving Ichchha and Tapasya.

Tapasya also is about to go when Ichchha calls her and tells her to tell all the truth.

Tapasya tells her it is not that easy to tell everything and as she gets an opportunity she would tell everything, It will take some more time.

Nani and Gunavanthi discuss to conduct Tapasya's child bearing ceremony. Divya has purchased some lavish gifts to give to her. She shows those to Pushkar and Damini.

Tapasya at her room removes her bangles in anger thinking about Ichchha's advice asking her to tell the truth. She takes the mobile to call up someone but throws it on the bed angrily. Veer is silently standing like a statue and shadow watching her actions. He asks her what happend, why she is so angry. Tapasya seeing him gets exited, happy, fright all together. Veer tells her that through Mai he came to know all about Rathore and promises her he will see that he never comes once more. Finally he asks her what gift she needs. She tells whatever he likes he can give. Veer leaves leaving Tapasya in highly intoxicated mood having talked with Veer. She tells to herself the gift that she likes is Veer himself.

Mai asks Ichchha to put Haldi on the feet of Tapasya and as she leaves she hears Mai telling Chanda who is holding two gold bracelet that these bracelets are their ancestors blessings and have been always kept during child bearing ceremony of the family. Ichchha thinks that Tapasya should not fool this family and she will now not allow this to continue and she should now tell the truth. Nani who comes there tells her not to waste time, Ichchha acknowledges it and tells her that Tappu also has to be reminded of this.



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