Uttaran-631 - 20th Jun 2011


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Gunavanthi in a happy mood makes arrangements for the ceremony. Ichchha who is putting Haldi on the feet of Taps tells her to tell the truth. Taps who was in a happy mood starts looking childish. She keeps silent, Nani comes there and asks her to take rest and she goes off silently and innocently ignoring the probing and urging looks of Ichchha asking her to tell the truth.

Ichchha tells to herself that this can't be left like that and in the night she goes to the room of Taps and switches on the light. Tapasya murmurs and tells, "Nani I am getting sleepy, put off the light." Ichchha calls her name and realising it is ichchha Taps gets up in the bed and welcomes her. Ichchha tells her that she agrees that she had done a lot of help to rescue Veer. But now she cannot wait and support her any more. She had sided her and told many lies during childhood times but now she cannot do that. Tapasya innocently and silently goes on listening showing slight changes of emotions in her face meaning she is acknowledging everything that Ichchha is telling. ichchha further tells that she will have to tell the truth, even if she does not tell the truth Rathore will tell.

Tapasya suddenly tells her, "Ichchha till yesterday when Veer was not there you had sided me and moved as a close friend. When Veer has come you are now asking me to tell the truth. I have told you that I will do whatever you say so, but I need some more time."

Veer comes and cuts their conversations. Ichchha looking continously on the face of Tapasya shakes her head slightly meaning she tells herself that this is not going to work. Ichchha and Veer then leave.

While going Veer asks Ichchha what is that going on between them, Ichchha refuses to reveal and Veer does not insist. Veer asks her why not they go for a ride and they go for enjoying the chilly night.

Tapasya stands before the mirror and rewinds her thoughts of what ichchha had told her when Divya comes from behind. She wears a chain to her leg and asks who had applied the Haldi on her leg which is so good. Tapasya happily tells Ichchha had applied it which goes to reveal that she likes Ichchha and does not hate her. But Divya gets upset hearing the name of Ichchha and tells her this day is hers and she should not take the name of anyone else even Ichchha. Veer comes there and gives her ear rings as a gift. Tapasya is happy receiving it. Divya is upset seeing that he has presented only ear rings and nothing more. Tapasya blankly goes on listening to what her mother tells to her.



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