Uttaran-632 - 21st Jun 2011


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Veer and Umed singh get ready to go for office, Mai asks them why even today and then shows them the bracelet. Umed Singh takes that and is happy seeing that which is his mother's. Mai tells that was given to her when she was bearing Vansh and now she is going to give it to Tapasya. Veer accepts it and goes to office. Mai keeps the bracelet box among other things and as she leaves a mysterious hand opens the box and takes the bracelet.

Rathore meets Satya and Sanchi on the road side and tells them to forget about the revenge matters now that he has accomplished sending Veer to jail. He gives them passport and two lakhs rupees to start a new life. Satya and Sanchi accept the suggestions of Rathore and tell themselves that they shall now start a new life. Satya tells that he has to search a groom for Sanchi.

The function takes place at the Bundela's house and people start talking, Tapasya is the first wife of Veer now who could be the father of this child, Veer or someone else. After the birth of the child what will happen to her, whether she will look after the child or the other mother. These gossips affect Mai and badly affects Divya and she talks with Tapasya about her position after the birth of the child.

Back in the room Nani tells everything about the childhood days when Ichchha came to their house empty handed and then attracts the love of her father etc. Tapasya just happily sees those days and smiles. She recalls those enjoyable days. Nani further tells her after the birth of the child Ichchha will become the mother of that child and she will have no right on it. Tapasya looks towards Nani meaningfully and questioningly asking herself silently whether she would be deprived to be with her baby.



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