Uttaran-655-1 21st July 2011


Damini tells that they will take the child to police and will report this to police.

A person a passerby who comes there, tells them what if you write report with police will it get the mother. The child of this mother has cut of her relationship with this child, otherwise who will ever leave like this. The child is lucky to find you people otherwise it would have died in this rain.

Ichchha gets angry on hearing the word of death. She asks him what he is saying, and turning towards the child that is in her hands tells it, God give it a long life.

The passerby tells her, see how close you have become with this child, you cannot tolerate any bad things said upon the child. Relationship is not just blood relationship some relationship is even deeper than blood relationship. Just like your relationship with this child. How happy this child is with you.

Ichchha gets more closer towards the child.

At Jogi's room...

Divya tells that she is worried about Tapasya, Jogi asks her if she is not worried about Damini and Ichchha. Because of Tapasya Ichchha's life is destroyed.

Divya asks, do you have only one daughter?

Yes, Divya I have only one daughter, Ichchha!

Don't tell like that you love Tapasya too much.

Tapasya has done much to us. From now on I have no relationship with Tapasya.

At the bus stand...

Stranger : Sorry If I had talked too much. I am searching for my missing relationship, due to rain I had to stand here, I heard your conversations. I came to know that you both are lonely in this world. Have left all your relationship behind. Someone close to you has given you lot of unhappiness. If you do not mistake me shall I tell one thing. Whatever happens in this world it happens with some reason. It has already been decided that you have to help and support this child. All these incidents that had happened why did it happen, why it happened this time only. There should be some reason.



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