Uttaran-655-2 21st July 2011


Maybe the real mother of this child cannot give the motherly love hence God has bestowed the child in your hands. I had set out to help someone in their last days. As I was returning empty handed I saw you both. Maybe the meeting of us could be the wish of God.

Damini had been looking for a long time his talks with suspicious. Ichchha was looking blank without words.

Stranger : What you are thinking. Not believing Is not it. Me too. I then thought why has God made us to come here and stand.

In the end, Damini asks him, who are you? and does not wait for his answer. She folds her hand towards him and tells forgive us. Then she tells to Ichchha, come on. The stranger folds his hands and tells, if you both want to go I will not stop you. I have no right too, I plead if for two minutes I am allowed to talk, maybe some dying persons last wish would get fulfilled.

Damini : To whom we don't know, why should we believe his words, come on Ichchha.

Stranger : One minute please, I am the servant of a dying person. He has very respect towards me. I am very indebted to him. Before his death I want to fulfill a small wish of his. If you can come along with the child I will be very much indebted to you. It will be very helpful to me.

Ichchha : What type of help? What you want to do, I can't understand.

Stranger : My master is very old, very ill, he is counting his days, before dying he wants to see his daughter-in-law, he want to meet his grand-daugther. He is eager to see his daughter-in-law just for one time. (weeps) I can't see his condition, his son had married some other caste girl. My master was angry, he sent his son out, after sometime his son died, my master did not see his daughter-in-laws face. But now he is very much depressed and feels that he had done wrong. He just wants to see for the last time his daugter-in-law and grand-daughter so that his soul rests in peace. I had set out in search of them only. I could not find them anywhere, was returning empty handed, then I saw you both. God has sent us. You both had found the child and I met you. If you can come and say to my master that you are his daughter-in-law and this is his grand-daughter then he will leave his last breath peacefully. I fold my hands before you. I cannot see his condition. You will be blessed very much.
I am very indebted towards him, he had brought me up. Please give me an opportunity to fulfill his one wish. It is a matter of one or two days, doctor has said that Master will not live for more than two days. I will not stop you both. I cannot compel you. But certainly request you. Think about it. I will wait outside in my car."

He folds his hands before them and leaves.



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