Uttaran-655-3 21st July 2011


Dadaji, Gunavanthi, Umed Singh and Kaka present.

Daddaji : Veer has taken such a big decision, just for that girl Ichchha and that too without asking me.

Kakka : Sorry, Daddaji, I heard Veer saying to Tapasya that the father of the child is willing to accept it. The meaning of this is clear.

Gunavanthi : The meaning of this is what Ichchha has told is true. Tapasya's child is not Veer's.

Umed Singh : (Stands Up) : It was this matter I wanted to explain you. Ichchha can never tell lie. We lost everything on the face of a child which was not at all ours.

Kakka : Lallaji has given this letter.

Umed Singh : (Reads Veer's letter) Daddaji, Mai and Baba, I want to live alone for sometime, when I feel peaceful I will return. I am very disgust about myself. Dust was before my eyes and I could not see the truth of Ichchha. Baba you were correct. I have done wrong, very big wrong, that which I had to regard as my own, I did not. And that which was not mine, for that I had allowed Ichchha to go out of the house. Yours Veer.

Veer is seen roaming alone in the road thinking Ichchha, Ichchha and Ichchha all those flashbacks of close love.

At bus stand...

Damini : What are you thinking?

Ichchha : About this child. Think Ammu, we had left behind our house, family and relationship to lead a new life. Then we got this child. Why? Ammu we were to go anywhere. What is there if we can save a life as we go by.

Damini : What are you telling Ichchagi? How can we believe a stranger. And you listen to me. We do not need others help now. We will not lead a life given by somebody else now. Also think, will it be right to tell lie to a dying person.

Ichchha : What you are saying is correct. But it is only a matter of one or two days then we will go to our village. Maybe this child also gets its name, house and life. How will we be able to provide this Ammu. See how this child too is smiling. Maybe there they will accept the child and it gets a new life. At least for this child Ammu.

Damini goes on seeing the child which meaning is nothing but she is agreeing.

Notes : Find a similar story here...

Cast : Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, Film Kati Patang.

Here too Asha Parekh enters a house with a child which is not hers and says that she his the daughter-in-law when she is not so. The only difference is Asha Parekh is not married but Ichchha is married here in Uttaran.

Don't be surprised if tommorrow I say that the boy sent out of the house is Rathore and the child Ichchha is carrying is the real grand-daughter of the dying person.

And the person dying will stand to live healthy and Ichchha gets to stay there.

Watch that film here....Kati Patang Full Movie



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