Uttaran-656 22nd July 2011


Jogi thinks that he would be doing a great wrong if this time he forgives Tapasya. what would happen to that poor child, he feels that he cannot believe Tapasya and leave the baby in her hands, at least for the sake of the baby he has to search and find out Tapasya.

Divya is shouting at the servants who does not know the actual needs of the family.

Nani asks her to maintain patience.

Jogi asks her why she is so frustrated with the servants, she is showing anger to those who do responsible work and also to those doing irresponsible work. The person who was doing responsible work has gone.

If you are talking about Damini why don't you tell out straight, asks Divya.

Nani tells her not to take up those matters Jogi will feel discomfort.

Jogi Thakur : Nani, You can never know my discomforts nor my sad. What you intended to do with Tapasya you did. Only Divya is left now.

Nani : Ram Hi Rakee, if Tapasya does any wrong am I responsible for it. I know that you are in anger and trouble I will not tell anything. One more thing, ask Jogi should I be in this house or not.

Nani leaves.

Jogi : You fell from the stairs, recall that incident.

Divya : How many times you will repeat that. I did not tell that Damini did not maintain this house. But I did not tell her to go, she went herself.

Jogi : You may not accept this today, but your mind tells that you are accepting it. whatever happens we are responsible for it. What Tapasya did we are responsible. Damini left this house, we are responsible for it. I should have cleared your doubts, but I did try it, but failed. If in the place of Ichchha if Tapasya was there, she would have burst out and went back. When Ichchha came here she never felt like living here. You should have explained Ichchha. You should have gone to Veer and talked about right and wrong. You should have shown the right path to Tapasya.

Divya : Tapasya was giving birth to a baby, should I be with Tapasya or solve Ichchha's problems. I do not know what happened there. I am not responsible for what happened between Ichchha and Veer.

Jogi : It was better that Damini and Ichchha left, when they shouldered responsibilities with good faith and if they are not believed why should they continue relationship with those people.

Jogi leaves.

At bus stand...

Ichchha : At least for this Baby Ammu.

Damini agrees and they go with the stranger in his car.

Rathore is at the police station enquiring about the missing baby. The police tell him that they have found a person with the child and the police are drawing a sketch of the person.

Rathore gets anger on the Police inability to find his child.

Police assure him that if any information is received it will be passed on to him.

Jogi Thakur call up Aappa Nani, and asks sorry with her, asks the whereabouts of Damini and Ichchha. Nani tells him not to ask about them. What Damini did is the right thing. If you find her she will be unable to neglect your requests. Both of them have suffered a lot and have been abused a lot. Let them live Sab.

Jogi tells to himself, it seems that... now Damini and Ichchha do not wish to come back home.

Jogi goes to Police Station fails to see Rathore who just leaves the Station. Jogi gives the photo of Tapasya to the inspector to find out her.

Veer just walks to what direction his legs drag him through on a traffic less empty main road with thoughts to himself.

Goes near a wayside tree and shouts aloud. Talks to himself. What did I do, how did i do such a wrong, Tapasya told such a great lie. She came as a bride in place of Ichchha and still I believed her words. Even I was forcing Ichchha to believe Tapasya. What will I do now. How will I console Ichchha. I did a great wrong.

Veer keeps his hand on his head closing his eyes sitting and leaning on the tree.



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