Uttaran-657 25th July 2011


The stranger/Avinash tells Ichchha to remove Sindhur and Mangalsutra, Damini objects, Ichchha tells that she will. The stranger leaves and Damini is upset and tells that they will leave the place itself and go somewhere else.

Ichchha tells that for the sake of baby, its treatment and just for one day they have to accept.

Jogi Thakur visits Bundela's house. He asks them the whereabouts of his daughter, Ichchha. He tells that he had accepted her as his daughter.

Umed Singh tells that he too is sad on Ichchha going, she had gone without telling anyone, even Veer. Jogi asks about Veer. He had not answered his calls. He tells that they being elders should have explained them and Veer being a responsible person would have understood.

Ichchha at the stranger's house goes to wipe the Sindhur but stops and thinks of Veer, she touches the mangalsutra. Thinks of all the good moments passed between Veer and herself.

Gunavanthi blames Tapasya for Ichchha leaving the house. She tells that Tapasya had told a big lie for the sake of getting the love of Veer. It was her mistake that she had believed Tapasya.

Jogi Thakur stands and tells that if we have to believe between Tapasya and Ichchha then we should believe Ichchha though she is not his daughter. Jogi tells that he has cut off his relations with Tapasya. He adds...Ichchha is not so weak to leave the house just because of Tapasya. Veer would have not kept faith on Ichchha and hence she should have left house.

Daddaji tells that before blaming them he should ask himself.
Tapasya had destroyed the families happiness.

Umed Singh tells that they had done wrong but they too are under loss. If Jogi has lost two daughters they have lost their two sons and a daughter-in-law. Both hands are empty now. He tells that his family had never understood Ichchha and he feels sad about it.

Ichchha comes to the room where Damini is and Damini finds her not having Sindhur and mangalsutra. Damini asks if she had removed the mangalsutra.



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