Uttaran-658 26th July 2011


Damini asks Ichchha if she had removed her mangalsutra. Ichchha lifts the hair and shows the Sindhoor and lifts the dhupatta to show the mangalsutra.
The door is knocked and is opened. Avinash stands there and tells that the driver will take Ichchha to the masters room.

The driver leads Ichchha to the masters room.

At Bundela's house...

Bundela's remaining family is seated in the dining hall except Veer. Umed Singh tells that from the time Veer came back he has shut the door himself in. Gunavanthi tells that it was because of her wrong these things happened. Umed Singh tells that they together are responsible for this they can neither understand Vansh nor Veer, Ichchha went off and it looks as if the soul of this house has gone.

At the stranger's/Avinash’s/Ichchha’s house...

An old man is lying in the bed surrounded by doctor and his servants.
The driver who comes with Ichchha tells to Ichchha that this is our master. To master he tells to see his daughter-in-law and grand-daughter-in-law.
The old man lifts his finger towards Ichchha and then his condition becomes suffocating. The doctor asks Ichchha to leave.

At Veer's room...

Veer is pasting picture cuts on big sheet of white paper.
Mai comes to his room and asks him what he is doing. Veer tells that he is trying to do something for the children to read and write. Today he had been to the school where Ichchha was teaching and felt good. It looked as if he was near to Ichchha. He tells, "I was trying to see Ichchha's smile in the smiles of the children."

Mai tells that she did a very great wrong. “I could neither understand you nor Ichchha, neither you can live without her nor she.” She asks sorry for that and tells him to bring Ichchha back.

You are telling right Mai, we both can’t live without each other. what can I tell her, she will excuse me, but from which face I ask sorry. To save the face of this house and protect its respect she did everything. And I doubted her. I am not worth to her love. Living with me what happiness she would get. Better she lives far from me and get all the happiness which is her prerogative. Mai, we can do wrong in knowing the good and bad peoples but not God. (Gulps with sadness) God knows she is good and he will give everything to her, (Mai shakes her head in acknowledgement) which I could not give her.

Ichchha returns back and tells her mother that the master condition became worse seeing her. Damini tells her that the circumstances here does not look good and we should leave this place immediately. Ichchha sits silently going into a deep thought.

At Jogi’s house…

Divya is sad and has not eaten any food.

Nani : Not having food will not solve the problem.

Divya : Tapasya did not even think to tell her mother once, she should have been very sad and angry on everybody. I have sent her under your supervision. Tapasya had been doing wrong after wrong. What did you do?

Nani : She was not telling me anything. If she had told me then something could have been done.

Divya : The way I brought up or the love I showed on her, there are mistakes which has spoilt her. Tapasya, how did she become like this.

Nani : Divya who can stop the happenings. In our daughter’s fate.(Divya cuts her talk)

Divya : It is not fate Mausiji, you have spoilt Tapasya. (Nani stares on Divya-Ayyoda! – Rohini and Pushkar look on).

Nani : You too blame me, I took care of her more than that of Pushkar. You are blaming me only, what did I not do for the happiness of Tappu. Look Divya what is the use of talking the reasons for the happenings. It’s necessary that we keep our mind in peace and bring back Tappu somehow.

Divya : What can we do, where should she have been to? Police, we shall go now itself.

Nani : One minute, one door is there, which is open for her, Ramhi Rakhee she should have gone there only.

At Ichchha’s/Avinash’s house….

Ichchha : No Ammu, the master condition is very bad, if we go leaving him his condition could become more worse. (Sees the child) What would happen to this child.

Damini : I cannot understand what to do. This child does not even know in what condition her mother has left her. See how comfortable she is cuddled in your hands and playing. When I see her I start remembering the day of your birth. Me and your papa were very happy. Seeing you we felt as if we have got all the happiness of this world. Our entire wish (Ichchha) fulfilled hence we kept your name as I chchha (laughs, the child too is laughing). In this world the most pure thing is a child’s smile its love, people forget all their sufferings seeing it.

Ichchha : Rightly said.

At Rathore’s house….

Tapasya suddenly wakes up and sees here and there. Rathore’s aunt comes there.

Tapasya : Where is my child?

Aunty tells her that she will bring some food for eating.

Tapasya : No, no, just give me my baby enough. It needs me.

Rathore comes and stares on her face.

Tapasya repeats the demand and pleads for her baby. It is worst thing for a mother to lose her new born child. It is worst thing for a new born child not to get fed by breast milk.



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